curiosity fuels our existence

Curiosity Fuels Our Existence

curiosity fuels our existence

From the moment we open our eyes,
it fuels our existence

Skillshare – Curiosity

I’m not sure where or when the spark of curiosity ignited within me, as far back as I can remember I’ve had a deep thirst to know the how and why of things and ideas. Early on I took things apart to see what was going on and fortunately for me my parents where never angry with all the things I’d taken apart, but was unable to put back together. My parents stoked the flames of wonder and inquiry within me from an early age.

Once I got to public school I quickly found out that only a few of the teachers encouraged my constant need to know why or at least know the direction to follow to find some answer, to find something to quench my thirst. The teachers who did not look fondly on my questions would often send me to stand in the hall to wonder about the wisdom of my pushing the envelope and not fitting in. But my thirst, my curiosity was never completely erased. Within the schools I learned to spend more time with the teachers who delighted in my questions, in fact one teacher gave me a permanent pass to the library so I could duck out of the stifling classes that were not for me. It’s only now that I realize that I wasn’t’ getting away with anything but instead the hall pass worked out just as well for the teachers as it did for me, we all got what we wanted.

Today there is a growing movement in business and society to acknowledge that Curiosity Fuels Our Existence. The whole engine of creative innovation and progress runs on the the fuel of curiosity. It’s a fact that new jobs in the 21st Century will be mostly created in the knowledge and creative areas and that the encouragement of curiosity is an important way to ensure that society will prosper.

There are a number of areas that humans have an advantage over the technology such as Robots and A.I. with the number one area being Curiosity. Check out Curiosity Supercharges The Adaptable Mind to see the 5 areas of advantage human beings have over technology.


I hope you found the video to be both encouraging and entertaining, if you did take a moment to let the authors of it know that and five CuriosityCreates a shout out as well.. Thanks.  Skillshare – Curiosity from One Year Study on Vimeo.

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