vigorous intellect

“Curiosity is one of the permanent
and certain characteristics
of a vigorous intellect”

Samuel Johnson

A vigorous intellect, now there’s something to think about. My first impression upon seeing the above quote was one of movement, one of gears meshing and cranking the workings within my mind. Cranking forward, with a drive to know something beyond standing up from the chair I was sitting in. Cranking forward, an unencumbered awareness embracing the blossoming of everything before me.

It will come as no surprise that I harbor a huge bias when it comes to the curiosity. For me curiosity is the most crucial building block we possess and also one of the most neglected building blocks we possess.

We can’t take it for granted that people who are or appear smart are also curious. Often as the years roll by many of us become less curious, to me it would make sense that we’d become more curious. But curiosity often means taking risks and extending your mind into questions and places its rarely if ever been. Does that sound attractive? No, and that’s where many of us leave the idea of becoming more curious before we even step off the pier.

Leaving curiosity bound, gagged and deeply hidden in the nether regions of our mind is sad, it’s also really bad for relationships and for business. How can we think we have a vigorous intellect that’s working at it’s peak if we are afraid to challenge our own tightly held beliefs. Let in some fresh air.

I’m added a short video below that wonders about The Power of Outsiders… In any organization the thinking of outsiders often see solutions that insiders miss. But bringing in outsiders is not the only solution to change your culture of thinking. You can infuse your team with new curios thinking using new ways of thinking such as Dialogue.