Curiosity Ignites The Quest For The Elusive Answer

curiosity ignites the quest

Curiosity ignites the quest.


I often find myself wondering if people I meet wonder to themselves when they look out into the night sky, or maybe gaze upon the peak of a distant mountain. Do these things start their engine of curiosity to rumbling. I’m not questioning whether people think about the decisions they make everyday, no I’m talking about wondering about how someone created a work of art or how a rocket sailed into the furthest reaches of our technology.

My curiosity burst upon the scene a couple of days ago when I started my car to go run some errands. I turned the key and listened as the engine came alive. A few seconds after it started I heard the secondary air pump start spinning (it sounds like a blender) and I immediately jumped out of my car and lifted its hood.

I should share that for a few days my check engine light was shinning steadily and giving me emissions fault codes, in other words it was telling me my car was polluting things too much…

So, now I was looking at the engine ( I had 30 seconds before the pump turned itself off) wondering what could be wrong when I yanked off a hose and put it back on then I repeated myself. Could it be that the vacuum to the value was not working I wondered (it was).  But I did get to notice some noise and vibration in the valve I hadn’t noticed before.

What does this long and probably boring (To You) story have to do with curiosity? I had a problem so I did some research about it and secondly I sat and wondered about what I had learned and got my hands dirty. (I’m not a mechanic, nor do I play one on TV)  What I learned is if I slow down and think and ponder I can usually get a decent understanding of most things.

Over many decades of taking things apart and never being embarrassed to ask questions, I’ve come to the understanding that curiosity can lead pretty much everyone to a richer and deeper life of understanding.  And the second thing I’ve learned is that most of what we think we know is just not true, most of what we know we heard from someone else but have no direct experience of it ourselves.

My car is a great example of my not having direct experience until I opened the hood and got my hands dirty. The research I’d done did not make it part of reality, my pulling off the hoses made it part of reality not some thought sitting in my head. Curiosity ignites the quest that spurred me on to find the answer.

Did getting my hands dirty fix the car? Well I can’t be sure but the next day when I started the car the check engine light was off and it passed emissions inspection. Curiosity ignites the quest there can be no doubt and curiosity also makes serendipity smile.

These are a couple of good ways to keep your curiosity muscle nimble and at the ready  Each day unplug yourself from all your devices and either just sit quietly while looking around the room (not thinking) just observe. And second is to ask lots of questions even if you will never use the answers, just ask questions. Curiosity ignites the quest for the elusive answer.


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