curiosity is lying in wait

Curiosity is lying in wait
for every secret.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

The short quote from Emerson may seem to be telling us that given time the universe will reveal all of it’s secrets. But maybe it’s admonishing us to make curiosity part of our everyday experience, to use it mindfully to delve deeply into all parts of life.

Each morning our eyes open from a deep sleep and we perceive our little world once again appearing as it has on every other day we can remember. But if we think it’s another day, same as the other days we may be missing something bigger happening in front of us, as our eyes open.

The universe with all it’s opportunities and possibilities is also making an appearance. Don’t miss the reflection in the corner of your still sleepy mind or the familiar swirl of milk expanding in your coffee, the universe is waving at you. Can you see it? Can you see the universe signaling you from your cup of coffee? Maybe you see something but your mind tells you you’re seeing only a remnant from last nights dream, but it’s not a remnant.

Curiosity is lying in wait for you to pick it up, for you to plug it in. Curiosity is always waiting for you to tap it as you’d tap a maple tree for its sap. Curiosity wants to be furiously boiled like you’d boil the maple sap till it reduces into a thick syrup of answers to all the questions, reduces to a sweet amber-ed elixir of the how, why and where of life itself.

Curiosity along with Intention and Gratitude form the 3 pillars of growth, serenity, and success. And it’s not so much a secret but more of an oversight that we don’t capture our curiosity and actively make it part of a mindful life. After all, how many times can you remember being shown how to use your curiosity? It’s more likely you were told to stop asking so many questions more times than you were shown that curiosity is lying in wait.


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