a new way of thinking

I was pleased to see Tiffany Shlain’s short film (11 minutes) “The Adaptable Mind” has Curiosity listed first in 5 Skills Machines Don’t Have. These 5 skills are what make us Human and will allow us to thrive in today’s hectic world. I’m sure to any of you who are already on the Curiosity Bandwagon this doesn’t come as a surprise, but if you are not yet a raving fan of curiosity I’m pretty sure this short film will get you onto the CB sooner rather than later.

  1. Curiosity
  2. Creativity
  3. Initiative
  4. Multi-Disciplinary Thinking
  5. Empathy

Everyday we are exposed to the coming technology wonders and marvels yet in the daily reporting something is lacking, that something is what we human beings have that machines, apps and bots don’t. It’s not a competition or at least it doesn’t need to be one. Today’s technology advances are marvelous to behold and I applaud their creativity and innovation, still I think we do ourselves a disservice by not engaging more with our own technological marvel, our human mind.

After you watch The Adaptable Mind take a few moments to look out a window or sit quietly and let what you watched fully engage with your awareness, let it fully fire-up your Curiosity, spark your Creativity, initiate your Initiative, multiply your Multi-Disciplinary Thinking and give your Empathy a hug.