An Engine Of Achievement Always Arising

engine of achievement

is the
engine of

Ken Robinson

I often mention how opportunity arises many many times within each moment, how it never ceases to unfold into availability for us to embrace. But often we miss the myriad of opportunities because we cast aside Curiosity in our rush to crave or reject what’s happening in front of our eyes. Current reality is the first causality of ignoring curiosity.

Curiosity truly is the engine of achievement chugging along atop the tracks of our very short lives, at times pleading with us to search deeper into the questions arising within our minds and arising within opportunity itself.

Curiosity is nothing to shun or schedule for another day. No, curiosity is the beginning of every journey of discovery we embark on and every journey we avoid. Curiosity fuels the engine of achievement like water fuels our bodies and minds enabling us to embrace the journey.







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