the great puzzle

Ah, That’s The Great Puzzle – Quiz

the great puzzle

Who in the world am I?
Ah, that’s the great puzzle.


What a great question Alice asks herself, and she answers it with equal bravery. In that brief exchange with herself Alice dives deeply into her natural curiosity and instead of turning away from it she deftly unfolds the question and stares into it’s heart.


1. When Alice mentions her cat Dinah which character becomes frightened?

2. Which one of the following characters is friendliest to Alice during her adventures?

3. What's the final thing we see before the Cheshire Cat fades the first time?

4. In Through The Looking Glass, which flower first speaks to Alice?

5. Why does Alice shrink?

6. Which animal does Alice follow in the stories beginning?

7. Who wrote Alice's Adventures in Wonderland?

8. What color dress does Alice wear?

9. What game does Alice play?

10. What name does the White Rabbit call Alice?

11. How slow is the White Rabbit's watch?

12. Who does Alice meet, when she almost drowns in her own tears?

13. The Mad Hatter tells Alice that it's always what time?

14. What year was Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland published?

15. What 1960's rock group made the song White Rabbit a huge hit