Let Go

let go

Let Go
Move Through Life With Serenity

One day you look up from what you’re doing to see you’re carrying around a huge bag of guilt, shame and regret. What the heck does all this suffering have to do with life? That’s the question I asked myself after I threw away some of this excess baggage that was crushing my curiosity for life.

Of course I know as we all know that in life there is suffering and at times lots of it, but much of what I’m talking about the dark curiosity strangling suffering is create by our clinging to thoughts and not by current reality. Letting go is not easy, yet if we practice letting go each day we’ll find little by little our beloved curiosity with return.

Create your own mantra that helps you to Let Go and embrace serenity, it’s then that the veil will lift and we’ll once again feel the wonder of wondering. We’ll once again be Curious.



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