life is either

Life Is Either


Life is either
FILL IN THE Blank or
nothing at all

What gets your motor running or your curiosity humming when you wake each morning? If your curiosity is tuned up, well oiled and passes inspection there must be something that gets you out of bed in the morning. And I’m not talking about the boring sameness of “I have to.” Maybe there’s a puzzle to solve, a mystery to look into or an elusive Aha moment waiting to be discovered.

Our existence is founded on our asking questions, lots and lots of questions. We’re meant to be inquisitive and accept nothing on hearsay, accept nothing that is not your experience. The how, why, when and who of everything churns in our unconscious waiting for us to step on the gas and release our Curiosity. Waiting for us to be excitedly aware of what’s happening within each moment.

When we unhook from our curiosity we unhook from life itself, we allow ourselves to be crushed by the twin meanies called drabness and sameness. those two characters crouch in wait for us to unhook from curiosity and when we do they pounce upon us draining our joy and erasing our zest for life.


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