fear of being wrong

Lose Our Fear Of Being Wrong

fear of being wrong

“To live a creative life,
we must lose our fear of being wrong.”

Joseph Chilton Pearce

From time to time I get the urge to ask people I don’t even know, “what’s fuels your fear of being wrong?” My wanting to ask the question does not come from a need to motivate them down a better path, the reason I ask is to understand my own fear of being wrong. My curiosity to know about their fears is as pressing as someone in the middle of a desert digging with bloodied hands for water.

Fortunately or Unfortunately, depending on how you look at it I only ask this uncomfortable question once or twice a year. Sometimes the best course to take is one of silence and to tell the truth I’ve yet to get an answer to my fear of being wrong question. The answer it seems is not easily shared with me or I suspect with themselves.

A Different Reason

It turns out Curiosity is the best antidote to erasing fear of being wrong from your life. The more focused we are in rooting out the causes of our fear the easier time we’ll have in moving beyond our thought prison. Shinning the light of curiosity on your fear will help you to dissolve it, fear only thrives in the dark.

Each of us has their own personal collection of fears and limitations we’ve constructed over a lifetime, some are so deeply hidden we’ve forgotten why we created them in the first place. Use your curiosity to find your reasons for being afraid, then gently and respectfully help them to disappear.


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