love alone

Love Alone Must Expand Your Curiosity

love alone

“Men used to write for love alone;
now they write for money.”


The discussion about how creativity can easily be corrupted when it’s fire is stoked with money is an ancient one and while I tend to agree I don’t believe it rests on a black and white understanding. But I do believe the first rumblings of curiosity must always be based on love alone or much will be lost.

Mindfully setting out on a journey is best traversed when the destination is ignored and tapping into our infinite curiosity is best done while ignoring the craving of money. Both the destination and the craving for money are distractions we ourselves construct to travel in a colorless world and miss the gifts and intensity offered to us when love alone is our muse.

In all probability you’ll get to your destination or at least near to it if you plow forward, even if you’re stuck on the destination or on money. But if you connect your curiosity to love you’ll probably find the money to continue on your journey and quite possibly find a part of yourself hidden behind distractions and craving .

I’m suggesting that fixing your gaze on the end of the journey will reduce what you might create, craving will cast a shadow over your journey to truly answer the call of curiosity.

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