quietly focused in the moment

Quietly Focused In The Moment

quietly focused in the moment

Be Still
Quietly Focused
In The Moment

Opportunities pop in and out of existence much more often than any of us know. It’s been said that within the time it takes to snap your fingers 64 moments of opportunity come into and out of existence.  Attempting to take advantage of the myriad of opportunities presenting themselves to us each moment is a bit like attempting to catch the ocean with our bare hands.

Many have tried and many still try to capture the wave of opportunity endlessly crashing upon the shores of their consciousness, but to my knowledge no one has yet achieved such a lofty endeavor. No one has succeeded in tapping into the stream of potential in spite of their frantic attempts to capture not just “The Next Big Things,” but to capture “Everything.”

We all know people like these, people who can’t sit still long enough to finish anything. Heck, I have moments of frantic grabbing onto the new ideas while forsaking what I know works. But the more I sit and observe the present moment, the more time I spend quietly focused in the moment, the less agitation wells up in me to dive into the next new thing.

Are you curious about what’s it like to have your mind slow down for even a little bit? Is your curiosity rumbling inside your mind while you wonder what being focused is really like? Try sitting still with your eyes closed for 5 minutes each day for a week. Are you curious?

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