the future belongs to the curious

The future belongs to the curious.
The ones who not afraid to try it,
explore it, poke it, question it
and turn it inside out.


I’ve always loved the above quote which seems daring and a bit impolite. In my imagination someone is standing in front of me reciting it when out of nowhere that person issues a challenge, issues a challenge to my inner being. The challenge is not specific, no it’s meant to egg me into questioning myself deeply.

The quote reminds me of a group of neighborhood kids gathered together all taunting and teasing trying to get someone in the group to go first, to do something before the group as a whole will follow. The quote itself is that group of kids immersed in a primal dance challenging each other both together and separately to be more than you think you are, to see more than you ever seen and to do all this without fear of what others may think.

And while it may be true that the future belongs to the curious, there are no written rules that I know of preventing anyone from becoming curious. There is plenty of room for a mass transformation of the worlds population into a band of wandering seekers filled to the brim with the elixir of curiosity.

Imagine for a moment a world filled with curious folks walking around exploring, poking, and questioning everything, a world where people are rewarded for quenching their thirst with more and not less curiosity. 

Hope & curiosity about the future
seemed better than guarantees.
The unknown was always
so attractive to me…and still is.

Hedy Lamarr

Engaging our curiosity is a bit like standing naked in a room full of people looking directly at us. Some of the onlookers may even challenge us to stop being curious, challenge us to stop asking questions. Who are we to act upon our belief that the future belongs to the curious?


The Balls to Stand Naked from Nic Askew on Vimeo.

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